We have collected some of the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) for your convenience. Should you have any further queries or need specific details, please contact our Customer Service.

1.1: Do I need to download any casino software?

A: There is no need to install any casino software to play SGD777.But you require the standard Flash Player software that you can download for free.

1.2: Where can I download the latest version of Adobe Flash Player?
A: You can download the latest version of Adobe Flash Player from www.adobe.com or click on Download Flash on the main menu.


2.1: How do I login to SGD777 Casino?

A: login to www.sgd777.comm

2.2: How do I change my login password?

A: After login, you can change you login password from the "Account Info" section.

2.3: What should I do if I receive a message "Login/Password incorrect"?

A: It is possible that you entered the wrong details. Try to enter again. Otherwise you should contact your agent or Customer Service to change or reset the password for you.


3.1: What is the minimum amount of gaming credits I need to purchase in order to play?

A: In order to start playing online, you will need to have the minimum bet limit of your account to start playing.


4.1: Is my account and password safe?

A: Yes. The Casino software uses 128-Bit Encryption when data is transferred over the internet. Each player's Account is confidential and secured.

4.2: I can't remember my User Name and Password. What should I do?

A: Please call your agent or customer service.


5.1: Who do I contact if I have a query?

A: SGD777 provides a free 24 hours, 7 day a week customer support Live Chat, Email Support, International Telephone Number and Instant Messaging Service to all members. Contact us at anytime if you have any questions, queries or suggestions.

5.2: What is the recommended screen setting?

A: To enjoy the full impact of the casino environment we recommend a minimum screen resolution of 1024*768and 256 colors. If you play on a lower resolution screen such as 640*480 pixels you will have to scroll to use the game.

5.3: Dose your software support Macintosh?

A: Yes, our software supports Macintosh. You need to download Flash Player that supports Macintosh.

5.4: What should I do if I receive a message "Internet Disconnection"?

A: This can be caused by having a slow Internet connection, which is possibly affected by heavy traffic on the Internet. If you receiver this message simply to reconnect to the casino again.

5.5: I received a message "Username or Password incorrect". What's wrong?

A: If you have forgotten your username or password, please contact your agent or customer service to get a new password.

5.6: What should I do if I receive a message "Internet connection nor detected"?

A: Check if you are connected to the internet and try again. If you are still encountering problems contact customer service.

5.7: How can I know that your games are fair?

A: SGD777 does not generate its own results but merely allows you to view an actual live game in action via the very latest web casting technology. All results are determined from a real game played in an actual casino. Not only can you view the game motion real time, but you can rest easy in the knowledge that these results are not being generated by a computer and are totally authentic.

5.8: When does the shoe end and when will the cards be shuffled?

A: For all cards games, the cards are shuffled when the yellow "shuffle marker" card us drawn.

5.9: What happens if I am suddenly disconnected from the Internet while I am betting?

A: If you had click "OK" and a message confirm your bet, then when you open back, check the game history to see if you win or loss.

5.10: Do you have customer support?

A: Yes we do! If you need any help simply call to our customer service which is 24/7.

5.11: How can I contact support? Is it always available?

A: You can contact us anytime24/7.We have customer service operators to help and assist you.


6.1: Can anyone play in SGD777 Casino?

A: In some countries yes, while in other countries it is not. You must abide by the laws that apply in your country. It is the responsibility of each individual to ensure that they comply completely with their own local, national or laws concerning betting. prior to registering with, or before placing a bet.


7.1: How do I play?

A: Login in to WWW.SGD777.COM
Fill in your username and password.
Read the rules and register and then click on "Accepts" button.
You can start to play.

7.2: What happens if I am suddenly disconnected from your casino?

A: Communication problems over the Internet may cause sudden disconnections. We have designed our software to cope with such incidents in a manner that our clients will be protected from unjustifiable loss, while eliminating the possibility of intentional disconnections and/or system abuse. After connection is Re-established the member can enter the "History" page and see the results of the last game.

7.3: Disconnection when playing

A: Should a disconnection or timeout occur after the member placed his bet and before the member pressed the "OK" button, the member's bet will be return to his Balance. Should a disconnection or timeout occur after the member pressed the "OK" button, the round will continue until the end of the current playing round. This has no effect on the member, since the member makes no decisions after the cards are dealt.

7.4: I've placed my bet and I'm not happy with it. How can I modify it?

A: After pressing OK, your bet has been conformed and you can't change your bet. You may bet on other options.

7.5: How to see my previous bet results?

A: After login, you can view your current past 20 bet results from the "Bet Status" section.

7.6: Where do I check my total rolling commission gained?

A: After login, you can check your total rolling commission gained in the "Game History" section by selecting the date range which will be calculated for you automatically.

7.7: During the game, what do I do if the image hanged?

A: You can try changing to a different table and then back to the original table that you are playing on. If this still doesn't work, please close the internet Browser and re-login to the table again.

7.8: What do I do when there is a disconnection when the games in play?

A: In the case of an internet disconnection, you may want to check back on the bet status to see the last result played. To clarify further you may contact our hotline directly. In the case of an internet disconnection on our side, all dealing will cease until the internet connection is up. The game will continue. If the internet connection has ceased for more than 3 minutes, the game will be refunded and a new shoe will start when internet resumes.

7.9: Can I use my login account concurrently in a single session?

A: No, you cannot use the same login account concurrently in a single session. The latest login will have priority over the initial login.

7.10: What do I do if I forgotten my password?

A: You have to contact your agent or customer service to reset the password.

7.11 What do I do if I want to play or change to other tables?

A: You can change to other available tables under Table Routes. Simply select the table of your choice and click Enter Table.

7.12: What does the television behind dealer for?

A: The television is to show that the game is Live at the time it is played. Players can make a comparison against the Channel (CCTV4).

7.13: I am a member, how much money can I deposit to my account?

A: It depends on how much you want to gamble. There is no limit on your deposit.

7.14: How much is the highest bet for tie game?

A: It depends on you Max bet limit. The highest Bet on the tie game is 1/8 of your Maximum bet limit. E.g.: If you max bit limit is $1,000, the highest bet for tie game is $125.

7.15: If I want to change my password. How can I do?

A: For members, you can change your password in the “Account Information”.

7.16: If I am a member and I have not played for along time, will my user name remain?

A: Yes, you name will remain. It will not be affected in any way.

7.17: I want to cancel my account. What should I do?

A: You don't need to cancel your account; your user name will always remain in our system in the event you decide to use it back.

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